As we start to resume some sort of normality after years of COVID, ROMAC is slowly getting back into the provision of much needed surgeries for children in our Pacific neighbours.
ROMAC recently farewelled baby Melenaite after 9 months of treatment at both The Canberra Hospital and Sydney Children's Hospital at ROMAC.  There are now three more children in Sydney:
  • Senri, a 13 year old boy from the Solomon Islands being treated at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick for burns suffered when he picked up a World War 2 phosphorus grenade.  He was successfully operated on in a nearly 8 hour operation, with a second procedure in several week's time.
  • Isileli, a 9 year old boy from Tonga being treated at The Children's Hospital at Westmead for a respiratory issue, seen in the photo being welcomed at Mascot airport by one of our Club members, Richard, and a member of the Solomon's community.  He had successful surgery at Westmead to remove part of his lung, which had been very badly infected.
  • Ephraim, an 8 year old boy from the Solomon Islands, also being treated at the Children's Hospital at Westmead for vision issues.
Our Club is a strong supporter of ROMAC, both in terms of financial donations and the work of a number of members who both assist the management of the Program and support the families whilst they are undergoing treatment at our local hospital.