The Rotary Club of Botany Randwick is delighted to support the Little Heroes Swim Academy with a donation of $4,940 for filtration equipment for their new swimming pool.  The Grant was provided in conjunction with The Rotary Foundation, which also provided $4,560.  The joint donation was presented to Little Heroes CEO Tracey Ayton by Rotary District Governor Warwick Richardson on the occasion of the Club's Inaugural Dinner.
This Rotary Grant will provide the cleanest and most sanitized water for the health and wellbeing of the students and staff.  This is paramount at all times but with the introduction of COVID to the world it is even more relevant.  Whilst it is important for the chemical composition of the water to be correct, it is equally as important to make sure that the water is not too harsh on skin and also the airways of the students.  The system chosen for the centre allows this to be managed and to find the perfect balance for both.  It is also a system that is constantly monitored and alerts sent out if there is a wrong reading in the pool.
Little Heroes work hard to provide aquatic education opportunities for students with a disability, with those students learning vital water safety skills alongside mainstream students, using an individual and holistic approach that engages and encourages relaxation, fun and most of all, how to be safer in the water.
Other family members and friends are also encouraged to swim at the centre as “inclusion” is another very strong focus of Little Heroes Swim Academy. All children have the right to learn how to swim and also enjoy the benefits that the water brings to them.  Children with disabilities in particular are restricted in attending other facilities, particularly if their special needs are not addressed.
For more information on Little Heroes, visit their website on Little Heroes Swim Academy | Include. Thrive. Survive.