Youth Projects
The Rotary Club of Botany Randwick supports a range of Youth Development Programs including:

RYLA  is a leadership program for young people aged 18 to 25. Participants are chosen for their leadership potential with their expenses covered by the Club. The event takes the form of a  camp to discuss leadership skills and to learn those skills through practice. RYLA is a life-changing program, providing an incredible opportunity to develop yourself as a leader alongside 75 participants. This will be a week of your life that you’ll never forget, and we’d love you to be involved!

RYLA aims to:

  • Demonstrate Rotary's respect and concern for youth;
  • Provide an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders;
  • Encourage leadership of youth by youth;
  • Recognise publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities.

The RYLA program covers the following core topics:

  • Fundamentals of leadership
  • Ethics of positive leadership
  • Importance of communication skills in effective leadership
  • Problem-solving and conflict management
  • Rotary's purpose and service to the community
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Elements of community and global citizenship
The next RYLA Program is conducted by District 9675 in January each year, usually at Stanwell Tops. For more information and an Application Form see
Mini United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

MUNA is an annual, two-day weekend debate-style event to educate senior high school students (years 10 - 12) on the United Nations organisation and its vital commitment to world peace, in addition to health, education and living standards around the world.  

The event provides an excellent forum for students to develop and practice their public speaking skills whilst debating on topical world issues.

The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 10-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.  The NYSF Year 12 Program runs in January each year. Participants visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities, go on site tours, listen to lectures and take part in workshops.
Attendance at NYSF is very competitive, with budding attendees applying by July each year, and progress through a series of interviews at Club and District level.  The Club will normally make a contribution to the cost of attendance for successful applicants.
RYPEN, The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment, is a "mini version of the RYLA Program" intended for young people aged 14 to 16 years.  It caters for teenagers who have shown qualities and application in everyday life which deserve further development.

RYPEN uses the common bonds of learning, co-operation, and friendship to design activities which facilitate trust and self-esteem. RYPEN seeks to broaden each participant’s horizons culturally, socially, and academically, providing the inner foundations for a strong future.
For a video of activities at a recent camp, click here
Two Camps a year are generally conducted in District 9675, in April and August, with attendees fully sponsored by Rotary Clubs.  Leaders for each Camp are drawn from past participants, co-ordinated and supervised by experienced Rotarians.  For more information, and an Application Form, click here.