Newsletter 2022/18                                                        20 November 2022
Note that bookings for our Dinner with Kenvale College at the Randwick Racecourse have now closed.
Our next Club Meeting will be 14 December at the Graphic Arts Club

President's Message

Club member Peter was our guest speaker on at our last meeting and we learnt about the many different types of homo sapiens, that inhabited the earth and who have died off – a very interesting and thought-provoking talk.  The many fossils, he circulated were just as impressive, as his talk. 

We welcomed Theo and his mum, Angela. Theo will be our candidate for NYSF – National Youth Science Forum, in January 2023.  Theo, was a most impressive young man, who attends Waverley College and who has a wide range of interests - scholarly, sport and community.  We look forward to his return in the new year to tell us of his adventure at the Forum.

We had our AGM and so I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our board’s hard work and the growth of our club.   We merged in July 2020, during Covid, the most difficult time to start something new, but looking back on these two years’ it took time to form foundations, work together and become one. Elections on the night resulted in an almost full Committee to take us into 2023/24.
Our next meeting will be our Christmas party and we will hold it in conjunction with Kenvale College at the Australian Jockey Club – a elegant fun night, I’m sure.
All welcome to any of our meetings
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Kenvale College Function
Kingston Town Room
Nov 23, 2022
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Club Meeting
Graphic Arts Club
Dec 14, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Club Board Meeting (Board Members Only)
Dec 21, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
District 9675 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards RYLA
Jan 03, 2023 9:00 AM –
Jan 08, 2023 4:00 PM
Social Gathering
Details to be advised
Jan 11, 2023
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Club Board Meeting (Board Members Only)
Jan 18, 2023
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Our last meeting
At our meeting on 26 October, we had another great roll up of members and visitors, filling the room. 
Great rapport was established with both Theo our NYSF candidate and his mum Angela. Theo highlighted his initial interests in research and also provided a profile of his school curriculum and sporting activities.
Club member Peter gave a presentation based on the Origins of Man, saying that new technological evidence that has replaced original theories and guesswork with accurate test results. Peter spoke of the ‘Three Days of Creation’ referencing to biblical creation theories, as one of many theories. Peter, went on the discuss the six stages of the world’s development up to the current stage, the Ice Age and mass migration. Peter spoke at length on the six stages of transitioning from primates from Africa, earliest man had a brain size similar to an ape, and probably evolved over 2.5 million years ago and began moving out of Africa through into Eurasia as early as 1.5 million years ago and certainly some 250,000 years ago. Evidence suggests that the earliest waves of migration did not survive. Later migrations some 70,000 – 50,000 years ago proceeded to colonize all continents by walking across land bridges. There was a push through Asia down through Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region to Australia arriving some 65,000 years ago, Europe 45,000 years ago and the Americas’ 21,000 years ago. 
The Galapagos Islands provide evidence that the continents are still moving, with the three main islands moving as evidenced by three distinct types of tortoises, each unique to its habitat island. Charles Darwin’s book the ‘Origin of Man’ was ridiculed over his theory that earliest species interbred, which was later proved correct through genetics research.
Peter, spoke to the La Brea Tar Pit in Los Angeles, where dinosaurs have been preserved in tar, and Kenya’s Cradle of Mankind, where there are 33 archaeological sites.  He spoke about the movement of dinosaurs throughout Asia and Australia, where there have been many archaeological discoveries, including Mungo Man and Lady in western NSW, with evidence of cremations being performed and a belief system.
He concluded by saying our DNA is made up of 3 billion building blocks and 99.9% of all people have 99.9% same DNA and 98.8% of that DNA we share with chimpanzees.
An outstanding enjoyable presentation Peter, very well researched.
In her President’s report, Christine mentioned
  • The Kenvale Christmas function at Randwick Racecourse, tickets are discounted to $45ph.
  • Airport collection process to be completed twice monthly and a roster of club members will be established
Richard advised three ROMAC patients were due to arrive shortly in Sydney for procedures.
Ken gave an excellent report on the guest speakers at last weekend’s District Conference held at William Inglis Hotel, and encouraged members to consider attending future conferences, especially next year’s World Conference in Melbourne.
Somehow, we also managed to fit in the Annual General Meeting to finalise last year’s accounts and elect officers of the Club for 2023/24.

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Club Information
Botany Randwick
Wednesdays at 6:00 PM
Graphic Arts Club
182 Coward Street
Mascot, NSW 2020
0417 297 632
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Graphic Arts Club, 182 Coward Street, Mascot. 6pm for pre-meeting drinks and chat. The meeting, with dinner, starts at 6:30pm and normally concludes by 8:30pm.
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We appreciate the support of the Graphic Arts Club.

Club Projects

Our club has supported the following projects this Financial Year:-

November 2022
  • Care and support for Melenaite, a baby from Tonga undergoing treatment at Sydney Children's Hospital under the ROMAC Program
  • Ongoing support for Aya, a Rotary Foundation Global Scholar from Japan
October 2022
  • Attendance at World Festival of Magic by disadvantaged families
  • Blue Dragon Foundation, a youth project in Vietnam
September 2022:
  • Sri Lanka Food Aid, with the Rotary Club of Kandy
  • Australian Rotary Health
  • Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC)
  • The Rotary Foundation
  • The Rotary Foundation - Polio Fund
August 2022
  • Support for the Honest Ocean Project, to combat plastic ocean waste
  • Sponsored 14 year old Isabella to a RYPEN personal development weekend camp
July 2022
  • Supported The Timor Leste Consul-General Luciano Valentin da Conceicao to publish a book on the recent history of his country
  • Sponsored Teams from Sydney Children's and Prince of Wales Hospitals in the City to Surf, with their aim being improved support for the families of indigenous patients
  • Project Kindness - lawn mower
Executives & Directors
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News Items
Fiji Holiday
  •  5 nights in an air-conditioned room overlooking the ocean.
  •  Full cooked breakfasts, lunches and two course dinners (drinks not included).
  •  Ground transfers to and from the airport.
  •  Rainbow Reef snorkelling experience.
  •  Tropical garden tour.
Plus USD$1000 cash toward travel or spend as you wish.
Plus bonus two nights at a 5 star hotel at Denarau Island.
The prize is valid for 18 months and is transferable to friends (receipt has a gift certificate). And good news! your holiday is carbon offset.
To purchase tickets and support the projects of the Rotary Club of Botany Randwick, see

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Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully funded fellowships for dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of Rotary's peace centres.

Through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities, the Rotary Peace Centers program develops the capacity of peace and development professionals to become effective catalysts for peace. The fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and internship and field-study expenses.

Since the program began in 2002, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,500 fellows who now work in over 115 countries. Many serve as leaders in governments, NGOs, education and research institutions, peacekeeping and law enforcement agencies, and international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank.

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is designed for leaders with work experience in peace and development. Our fellows are committed to community and international service and the pursuit of peace. Each year, The Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and 80 for certificate studies at premier universities.

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The Four-Way Test is a non-partisan, non-sectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships.  
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